Myonguen Choi

I will do my best.

Asuka Toyofuku

Recent keywords are spices, honey and Africa. Only when reading a book I exert an abnormal concentration ability...

Ayaka Kito

I was born and raised in Hokkaido. Recent goal is to enjoy anything!

Yumeno Suzuki

I will make effort using experiences of the last event. Yasuji Hanamori, the magazine editor, shocked my heart, ...

Mao Ando

Although majoring in engineering, I'm rather intrigued in astronom and particle physics.

Hatakeyama Shunsuke

I like fiction. And I like innovation which everyone thought just as a fiction more. Robots inspire men`s spirit...

Udo Atsuhito

Making music on PC and creating games as hobbies. I came to know TED by a talk related to games.

Wataru Ikegaya

My life is Manchester United.

Nishida Mihiro

Just being the youth.

Ukon Yuto

I’ve been living in Hokkaido for a little less than 20 years. I watched TEDx as a video, but now I’m in the orga...

Komatsu Kouki

Action - that is important.

Ashizawa Marine

Born in Chiba Prefecture. I found a joy in working on fields. I love Hokkaido and the north.

Kobayashi Aogi

Born and living in Hokkaido. Playing musicals and Gardening as hobbies.

Kageyama Tomoyo

I like dog, music and what’s fun. I love Gifu Prefecture which I was born in.

Suenaga Sho

Came to Hokkaido from Fukuoka all the way.

Sato Kei

I like architecture and travelling. Christian Kerez is my favorite architect.

Hayashi Natsumi

I like the universe and music. I’m in Hokusho University, but I’ll do my best to spread TEDx.

Uesawa Misa

My goal for the year is to be true and the youth. I want to spread the fun through TEDx.

Tsubakihara Shuhei

Visited 20 countries, wanting hamburgers, ending up going to USA.

Nagasawa Yoshiaki

Pure Dosanko - born and grown up in Hokkaido. It seems that I’m older in the mind than I actually look, I’m Uncl...

Kitamura Yu

I like taking pictures with my DSLR camera. I want to appear on TED conference someday.

Nakamae Ayana

Living with cats since I was born. I like the scenery of Hokudai that changes every season.